Before I fall

81TQgMsrxEL._SY445_An interesting adaptation of Lauren Oliver’s novel, in which the main character Sam is trapped in an infinite loop, repeating the same day over and over until she gets it right. The thing I loved most about this piece is that everyday Sam re-lived was different, exciting and so adequately acted. As a teenager myself, it really makes you wonder about the choices you make on a day to day basis. The film explores stereotypical themes and problems you are faced with during high school including: Bullying, mental health issues, sex, alcohol and reckless driving.  There are hints of the supernatural throughout the film which led me to come up with my own theory about Sam and why she lives the same day on loop until her final selfless act, where she saves Juliet from committing suicide. on the first day Sam dies in an horrific car accident caused by Lindsay (the ‘pack’ leader), in which Sm wakes up in her bed at exactly the say time she did on the day pf the accident. Despite what Sam does each day, whether she gets in the car or not, she always ends up in her bed repeating the day again. Alongside this, the roses she receives on ‘cupid day’ where she bared a note that basically said her persona was fake. Again this is backed up when she enters Kent’s room at his party and on his wall it says ‘Become who you are.’ It’s clear the Kent (most likely her truelove, not Rob) is symbolic catalyst in helping her change as a person. On her final day, Sam is selfless, she puts everyone before her and tells everyone what they needed to hear, until finally she pushes Juliet out the way of a truck and it hits her instead. From this point we see a flash of her lie and all the days she has repeated to me this suggests that Sam was in fact dead from the first crash (the one that Lindsay caused), But in order to find peace she needed to find her identity and change things for the better. If she hadn’t been dead all along, she would have woken up when she did things ‘right’ for everyone. Sam most likely regrets her actions on the day she died hence why she tries countless times to change in while on loop because she never got a chance to change it while she was still alive.

i hope that theory makes sense for everyone 🙂