passengersSci-fi lovers lost in space or sci-fi disaster? Let’s just make this one quick and simple. Jim, an engineer (Chris Pratt) is among 4,999 other passengers on a big spaceship corkscrew high tech thing, on it’s way to a new planet called Homestead II. The journey however, takes approx 130 years so all passengers are placed in sleep hibernation in pods. So of course there had to be some kind of bump, a big meteor bump to be exact. Not only did the meteor damage the ship (we later find out) but it awakes good, handsome,sweet Jim and the auto-support systems on the ship. There’s then about 35mins of him being alone on the ship having his ups and downs for over a year. a year of loneliness apart from his robotic pal (Arthur) that’s behind the bar. After such time of being totally alone, eating the same economy styled breakfast and coming to terms with the fact that you’re gonna probably die alone on this ship, Jim decides to wake Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) up. Aurora is a journalist who is supposed to be on a return trip to Earth, of course that isn’t going to happen. She writes her life story on board the mega ship. However, the  the poor girl had no idea her fate had been condemned by Jim until Arthur tells her nearly 2 years after being woken up! It was a cruel thing for Arthur to do, but it gave some action to the movie. from that point on there was a lot of explosive behavior, including an attempted murder on Jim by Aurora… yikes. After months of not speaking , Aurora taking her anger out by swimming and Jim talking over the speaker, a crew member wakes up. Since being hit by the meteor, the  ship has been slowly shutting down, it was predictable that someone who knew the ship would wake up at some point. BUT, he dies. However, he does bring Jim and Aurora a little close than they were before. In fact he makes them work as a team to save the ship from complete destruction. A rather selfless act considering they’d have to spend the rest of their lives alone. After all that and Jim dying and coming back to life, they happily spend the rest f their lives together on the ship. they make the whole ship into a garden which is the sweetest thing. The film has no dramatic ending just the est of the passengers waking up while Aurora’s voice reads out the last page of her book about how they’ve made their lives worthwhile. Lawrence definitely drives the whole movie. She nails Aurora’s reactions to what’s happened to her down to a T. It’s a timeless romantic tied in with aspects of thriller. It really is a captivating film, half the time you forget there are 4,998 other passengers on board.