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Love, Rosie

81W3Vz2KMrL._SL1500_After watching this movie (some time ago now) it became my favourite rom-com ever to exist in the film industry. It’s certainly one of those movies you can watch over and over again, especially on a rainy day. The plot will have every teenager girl on the edge of their seats (I know I was) because you can clearly see the characters Rosie and Alex are meant to be together, but events separate them for 12 years. One of the film’s first scenes involves Rosie and Alex having their first kiss at Rosie’s 18th birthday, but oh what’s that a plot twist, Alex believes that Rosie wants the WHOLE night forgotten the morning after, when in fact she just wanted to forget her drunken state. This is definitely the catalyst that stopped them being together for 12 years, not her young pregnancy (due to the acts of Greg on prom- funniest scene in the whole film might I add) like other’s may argue. I believe Alex would have happily helped Rosie anyway he could if she had told him sooner. But nevertheless when Alex does meet baby Katie, he wants to be Godfather, isn’t that the sweetest?

For those who have read the book, the film is quite different. For example the Character Phil who is Alex’s brother in the book, is Sally’s brother (Alex’s american lover) in the film. Another example is the fact that Ruby is married and much older than Rosie in the book, but not in the film (until she meets Phil). In my opinion I believe these alterations work well cinematic wise as it focuses more on the protagonists love.

The film is rich with emotion. I’m pretty sure the entire spectrum was captured,  which makes it even more gripping. Lily Collins and Sam Claffin portray their characters in such a realistic way that I almost forget I’m watching fiction. The soundtrack captures all the right emotions for the right scenes, if you know what I mean. Most of the songs are corny, but so is the plot. They go together hand in hand, much like Rosie and Alex do.

The one thing I didn’t like about this film was the fact that Katie and her friend, Toby, seem to be following in the exact same footsteps as Rosie and Alex. It ruins the wow-factor about their love. I’ll admit that Katie’s and Toby’s first kiss does bring back some nostalgia for Alex and Rosie, but a love like that shouldn’t be replicated in the same film.


The cinematography in the film is just ecstatic, especially when it comes to intimate moments like the one above. That scene is one of my favourites in the film, they haven’t seen each other for years and they spend the whole night together just messing around. To be honest, this scene is every girl’s secret fantasy. The pair party all night, have an intense pool scene, talk about everything and anything and watch the sunrise together. It’s every hopeless romantics dream to encounter that.

I have to say the ending was a let down for me. I mean, i was happy that they got their happy ending after all those years and Alex re-asking Rosie to the dance was cute as hell. BUT, something was missing. After 12 long years of them being always just out of reach with each other, there needed to be a bigger ending to fuel the hearts of the audience. It needed more explosive emotion, rather than a pan out and soppy music.

Overall, it’s a must watch for all those romantics out there.
8/10 rating